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Please stay and explore what I have to offer. You will see on the menu that I provide many different services: If you need lactation help, please pull down the A.B.R.E.A.S.T. menu. For information about bodywork, please pull down the Spirit of Healing menu. For information about the Hazelbaker FingerFeeder, please pull down the Aidan and Eva menu. To find out about the various books and monographs published by Aidan and Eva Press, please pull down the Aidan and Eva menu.

For those of you interested in my presentations, you can find summaries and my schedule under the Presentation menu button. I also offer a few free powerpoints you can view on some subjects, There are some presentations on this site available for continuing education that you may wish to purchase.

Visit the download page for copies of some of my free publications. There you will find the Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function screening chart and brief instructions for using the ATLFF  as well as my master’s thesis on tongue-tie and some other monographs on a variety of topics.

There are links to various sites that can add to the information I have provided here should you desire more information on certain topics. Click on the Links button for the list. If you want to contact us, please click on the Contact Me button. You will find contact information also on each main page.

To purchase any item I have for sale, visit my store. Right now I have limited items but as time goes on, I will be adding items for purchase online. For those of you wanting wholesale pricing on Hazelbaker FingerFeeders, please contact me at Aidan and Eva, LLC first to set up a wholesale account. I am working on making the FingerFeeder available in the EU. Keep checking back with me to check on the status of overseas sales.

Have fun browsing and getting to know me and what services and products I have to offer!

And please come visit me again soon. The site will continuously change over the coming weeks and months as I add new information and products…


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